Good Faith Challenge - Documentation
Location: Date: Time: Train / Job ID:
Employee ID: Name: Craft:
Contact Information: Email Address / Mailing address if Email Unavailable
Daytime Phone Number:
Evening Phone Number:
Name of Supervisor giving directive: Craft / Position:
Name of Manager making additional review of directive: Position:
Rule(s) Application
Note: Good Faith Challenge
only applies to rules
involving: Shoving
Movements, Leaving
Equipment to Foul and the
Handling of Switches.
Explain Challenge: (Attach additional pages if necessary.)
Request for further review:
Note: Requests for
additional review at the
Company Level must be
made prior to end of tour of
Request for additional
review must be FAXED
or submitted via this Email to:
M.A. Paras
FAX # (708) 658-1510

Employee(s) may request opportunity to make protest in writing. Such request must be granted and time allowed to make written challenge prior to the end of the tour of duty. Employee shall be afforded the opportunity to retain a copy of the protest.

Decisions made by the reviewing manager shall be final and not be subject to further immediate review, and the manager may direct the employee to perform the challenged directive. The Manager shall further explain to the employee that Federal Law may protect the employee from retaliation if the employee refuses to do the work and if the refusal is a lawful, good faith act.

Note: All shaded areas must be completed for challenge to be considered.