NO. 03030
In Effect: 03/29/17 @ 17:52

(A) Temporary Speed Restrictions and Other Conditions in effect:
 Kenton Line Subdivision:MT1MT2MT3
001MP 3.59 10  
002MP 6.64 10  
003MP 8.25 10  
0048.4 (only when using the 11 crossover) 1010 
005MP 11.0 to MP 12.0 effective 3/29 from 0600 until further notice 1010 
006MP 15.89  10 
007MP 19.21 10  
008MP 21.36 to MP 21.38  10 
 Kenton Line Subdivision - Sidings:SDG  
009MP 11.0 to MP 12.0 effective 3/29 from 0600 until further notice 10  
 59th St. Subdivision:MT1MT2 
010MP 0.41 10  
011MP 1.3 10 
012MP 3.3 10 

(B) Work Zones - Kenton Line Subdivision:
013March 30, 2017

Work Zones - 59th St. Subdivision:
015March 30, 2017

(C) Tracks out of Service - Kenton Line Subdivision:
017March 30, 2017
018MP 11.48 MT1 from 0700 until 1400.
019MP 14.5 to MP 15.3 MT1 from 0800 until 1400.
020MP 21.3 to MP 21.4 MT2 from 0700 until 1400.
02122nd Street Yard Track 4.
022Commercial Avenue Yard Tracks 4,7,8 and 9.

Tracks out of Service - 59th St. Subdivision:
023March 30, 2017
024MP 0.5 to MP 3.1 MT2 from 1200 until 1500.

(D) Safety Alerts:
025MP 8.4, 55th Street Grade Crossing when proceeding from the Elsdon Industrial Lead to Kenton Line Subdivision, be governed by Rule 6.32.2 (A)
026At MP 16.7 use caution watch for falling concrete from overpass.
027BRC Safety Hot Line : Phone: (708) 496-4099 Fax: (708) 496-2904

(E) Notices:
028The Current Safety Alert Level is 2 (Heightened Security Awareness) When inspecting Train, increase vigilance and scrutiny of railcars, looking for unusual items.
029All crews reporting at Clearing to pick up trains or power must contact the Yardmaster immediately upon reporting at Clearing and must, thereafter, be on their power enroute to their train within 30 minutes of arrival.
030Crews picking up or interchanging trains on the main line, outlying yards, or recrewing a train within Clearing Yard must contact the Train Dispatcher immediately upon arriving to pick up the train.
031Crews must notify the Dispatcher when the locomotive inspection is complete and train is ready to depart. Verification of the locomotive and train consist may be requested by the Dispatcher.
032All crews picking up power at the Diesel Shop must talk to the Diesel shop foreman prior to boarding power either by phone (496-4067) or radio.
033All trains terminating at any point on the BRC must report to train dispatcher prior to or immediately after given authority to enter
034BRC trackage the following information: (1) locomotive defects, (2) condition of locomotive cabs, (3) direction of locomotives,
035and (4) if trailing unit is a suitable to be a good leader, additional en-route defects must be provided to Train Dispatcher prior to tie up.
036All trains destined for BRC via the CSXT Elsdon Sub must contact BRC South Dispatcher prior to going past 103rd Street MP 15.5.
037Any train terminating at BRC with locomotives in the train consist that are not on the head end or hind end in distributive power configuration, must notify the BRC Dispatcher prior to entering BRC trackage.
038All trains departing BRC via West Sub or CSXT Elsdon sub must remain on BRC radio frequency until roll-by has been completed by the marker man.
039BRC CORA Update 2017-001 is in effect for foreign line crews operating on the BRC. In addition, BRC CORA Update 2016-01 remains in effect.
040Contact Flagman on South Chicago District Lead & Fence Track until further notice.
041Effective 0600 3/29/17 All trains will not accept signals at Hayford and East End Switches withouth permission from the dispatcher.
042MP 7.8 to MP 8.5 55th st Interlocking from 0700 until 1400 track work in conjunction with dispatcher.
043MP 19.1 to MP 19.7 Pullman Junction Interlocking from 0800 until 1700 track work in conjunction with dispatcher.
044Effective 0700 March 29,2017 No Trains will accept proceed signal indications at Hayford and East End Switches without verbal permission from the South Train Dispatcher.

045Latest General Order No. 3
046Latest CORA Revision No. 1
---- End of Bulletin ---- 46 numbered lines ---- End of Bulletin ----

Track Authority
Auth. NoTrackBehind Eng/TrainBetween From AtAnd ToUntil TimeY/NJoint With
Must contact RWIC prior to
entering joint limits
Correct atControl Operator InitialsRelease Time

BRC DAILY OPERATING BULLETIN Supplements Page --- New DOB # _________

(A) Temporary Speed Restrictions and Other Conditions in effect - Supplements:

(B) Work Zones - Supplements:

(C) Tracks out of Service - Supplements:

(D) Safety Alerts - Supplements:

(E) Notices - Supplements:

Dispatchers Initials ______ Correct Time _______
---- End of Supplements ----

___ Job Briefing with all employees involved in properly securing the train.
___ Properly Secure train and complete the check list.

Securement information:
1. Location: ______________________
2. Weather: ______________________

3. Tonnage and Train Length
a. Length _______ Tonnage: ________ Type: _________ (unit or mixed freight)
b. Cars: _________ Locomotives: _______________________

4. Grade of track at location indicated by the BRC Timetable grade chart_______

5. Number of Hand Brakes Applied ________________________

6. Curved or Straight Track _______________________________

7. Weather Conditions _____________________________

8. Confirmation of securement - "Conductor & Engineer agree securement requirements have been met" _______ (Y/N)

9. Reverser Status: Reverser removed from controlling locomotive: ____ (Y/N)
Foreign crews operating on the Belt Railway Company of Chicago must receive permission from the Train Dispatcher prior to locking a locomotive cab.

10. Conductor / Engineer name providing information to the Dispatcher _________________________

11. Dispatcher's initials ___________________________

·Requirements applicable when a Key Train or Key Train Commodity is left unattended on Main Line, Siding, or Outlying Area (Rockwell, Commercial, etc).
·All locomotive engineers must obtain a reverser from their home road if called to operate a Key train left unattended on a main track, siding, or other outlying location other than Clearing Yard.

The Belt Railway Company of Chicago
Conductor's Work Report

Must be completed by all Transfer, Industry, Utility, Work Train, and Boat Job assignments during the tour of duty. Report is to be completed as work progresses.

An example of information to be included as follows:
* Time train built, Time air test performed, Departure time, Time cars spotted, respotted (interplant switch), or pulled.
* Problems at the industry, reasons industry switch not completed, housekeeping issues at the industry.

In addition, all delays experienced at the work location or enroute to or from the work location in excess of 30 minutes are to be noted on the form.

Conductor's Work report is to be faxed to Crew Dispatcher at (708) 728-2283 after completion. Conductor must thereafter call the Crew Dispatcher (708) 496-4059 to verify receipt and clarify any questions.

Original is to be submitted with the FRA documents and time slips.

Date:_____________________________ Assignment:______________________
Time on Duty:___________________ Time off Duty:_____________________
Engine No(s):____________________ Engineer:_________________________
Conductor:______________________ Helper:____________________________
OCU #:___________________ OCU #:___________________ EOTD #:___________________
Lunch Penalty Authorization (Manager's name): 1st:___________________ 2nd:___________________

Work completed (spot, pull, etc.).
Work not completed & reason why
Delays enroute or at industry in excess of 30"